Lost & Found

The scripture on the right under the compass is from Matthew 16:24-25.  Unpack verse 25 with me.  In this statement from Jesus, the subject is our life and there is the saving, losing and finding of it.

“For whoever wants to save his life will lose it”

The word life is the Greek word psyche: soul or mind – it is the heart of us.  The unseen part of us that no doctor can see with even the highest forms of medical technology.  Only God can tend to this part of us for only He knows it.

The word save can mean rescue, preserve, cure, heal, deliver.  So what do we need rescuing and healing from? As I carefully read this passage, I conclude that what I need rescuing from is, me.

The Greek definition for the word for lose is: to destroy, to kill, perish.

I begin to understand that in all of my self preservation, clinging to what will bring me significance, that I actually destroy myself. All of my searching and self discovery will never heal my wounded soul.  I am not capable of saving myself.  My soul needs to be anchored to something eternal, that does not change, that knows me better than I know myself, is completely good and just, and is able to perfectly wield a power beyond my comprehension.

“but whoever loses his life for me will find it”

Find means discover, comprehend, recognize.

Where do I find this mirror that I can hold up to my face so I can really see myself for the first time?  Under all these layers that I have put on to identify myself (the layer of wife, mom, daughter, friend, [insert your job title here], or what others tell me I am) is my naked and unashamed core.  Only God can help us peel back the layers of our mind so that we can discover who we really are; not what we do, who we mother, who we belong to, what roles we play, our family of origin, or what we accomplish (or don’t accomplish). God teaches that I need not be lost without purpose or value if all these other identifying facts about my life were taken from me. There is something inside of me that needs to die so that I can discover, comprehend and recognize my true self for the first time. If I lose myself in my career – I will be destroyed when my career comes to an end. If I lose myself in my dear children – I will be lost when they leave home and become independent (or worse, they rebel or reject me).  It is such a disappointing let down and just down right hurtful when we lose ourselves in things and people that can not deliver.  You can see how in our effort to find significance and make a life for ourself that we end up hurting ourselves.  We all need to realize that our purpose and place is in a Person; Jesus.  When I lose my life for Jesus He shows me who I really am. Jesus is the only thing that I can lose myself in and never be lost, but instead be found.


So when you find yourself asking, “Who am I?”  You will need to answer this question first; Who do you say Jesus is?


pray with me

Dear Lord –  You died so that I could truly live.  Take my life, it belongs to You – bought and paid for with your own blood poured out on the cross.  Protect me from looking to your creation (people and things) to find my identity. They have always been yours. Help me to understand that I am valuable because You made me valuable. I choose to identify myself with Your precious, perfect life. Thank you Jesus for loving me with a perfect love so that I can fulfill my many roles with the healthy and selfless love that comes from You.  Thank you that I do not need to wander around anymore.  I found my place when I found You!  Help me to get over myself so I can truly follow You.   -Amen


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