Meet Briana


My Primary Ministry

Yes, my family is my first ministry.  These two young delights and my sturdy husband of 13 years, are my first mission field. The Lord has shown me what a wonderful influence I have on the lives of my kids and my husband when I choose to honor Him and point my family to Him.  Marriage and raising kids is both hard work and beautiful. Eight years ago I held my baby son and began to understand for the first time ever why God made families.  It is a vessel that He uses to teach us about Him and each other.  Just as my children look to me for guidance, they have unknowingly been used by God to teach my stubborn heart many times.

Ministry takes many forms and all are used to give evidence of God’s unseen qualities. Lost Without Him is a necessary outlet to share what God is teaching me before I burst!   You see, it is not enough for me to learn what God has to say, I want to share it with you too!  When God teaches me all the pitfalls of comparisons, I desperately want to warn you about it.  And when God leads me through a crisis, I can’t wait to testify that He saw me through.  And our family has been through some big ones – we have the scars to prove it!  A scar is a wound that has healed.  You still see the mark, but it isn’t bleeding and doesn’t hurt any more.

More than anything, my prayer is for you to meet Jesus. He has some scars too.  He showed them to his disciples after God brought Him back to life!  In a world where people are searching and looking so hard to find their “wholeness”, Jesus’s words are always pointing us back to our Creator and Jesus asks all of us, “Who do you say I am?”

As a young girl, I answered that question with- “Jesus is my Savior”.  In my thirties now, it has been 25 years of discovery, growth and lots of growing pains too!  Some years more painful than others – mostly due to my own wandering.  From the “looking for love in all he wrong places” of my teen years and all the way to my most recent “stat-at-home-mom” identity crisis (I’ll be sending my youngest to kindergarten this fall), He has been shaping me to reflect His love and grace. And let me tell you, I am a trophy of God’s grace!  He is the only steady thing I can rely on in this ever changing world and my ever changing life.  When my journey takes me to new places, I’m so glad I have Him to guide me.  I truly would be lost without Him!

Praying for opportunities to share more of my story with you in hopes that you will also hear God calling your name too!



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